Plain or Printed Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited

USFDA and EU certified

Meat Packaging Manufactured in Christchurch

Flexoplas Packaging Limited for all your Meat Packaging.

Customised inline print options

Meat packaging made in New Zealand

Meat Packaging Company New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited

Header blocked or loose dispensing options

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Meat Packaging products, delivered to your door.

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Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand

Plain or Printed Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited
Flexoplas Packaging Limited for all your Meat Packaging.

Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand

Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand. Call us today. In-store customers purchasing meat products wrapped with Flexoplas Meat Packaging New Zealand can rest assured that their choice is guaranteed to be fresh, food-safe, and well contained.
Our meat packaging in New Zealand comes off the Flexoplas production line after having met all stringent food safety regulations set out by the USFDA and EU. This is an important prerequisite to our manufacturing processes because our clients need to know that the meat packaging we supply is of top standard. It’s also Quality IS0 9001 Telarc registered, a certification we have held since 1997.
Flexoplas Packaging Ltd’s food-grade film keeps your merchandise in perfect condition as it transits from supplier to customer and because we manufacture custom-made printed or plain wrap and bags, packaging product options are huge.
Our exemplary Flexoplas equipment can produce plastic film from 100mm to 2500mm in width and 150mm to 3500mm in length, with a variety of thicknesses and colours available.
In addition, we are also licenced by EPI Environmental Technologies to utilise degradable plastic additive technology (TDPA) to offer options in biodegradability. Flexoplas products made with polyethylene (such as grocery, shopping, and garbage bags), have been shown to subsequently be biodegradable into non-toxic end products.
Our factory in Christchurch makes:
• Meat packaging
• Shopping bags
• Butcher bags
• Produce bags
• Loose bags, perforated roll bags, and resealable bags

Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand

Meat Packaging Solution New Zealand Flexoplas Packaging Limited
Meat Packaging New Zealand Flexoplas Packaging Limited

Meat Packaging New Zealand

For Meat Packaging New Zealand contact Flexoplas Packaging Ltd. Meat Packaging, customised, coloured, printed or plain. Ferrymead Christchurch.
Flexoplas meat packaging products are proudly made right here in New Zealand. Our Sydenham, Christchurch factory is chock-full of the high-tech equipment needed to manufacture a wide range of plastics and films, including products for the hospitality, horticultural, general foodstuffs and medical fields.
Our manufacturing systems can design and create packaging specifically to suit your requirements and our products are certified for the use they are manufactured for.
Meat packaging is a product a little more complicated than many because of size, style and presentation variances, the need for food-grade certification, and, with the general public as end-users, the biodegradability attributes.
Flexoplas can fulfil all these requirements plus offer coloured or tinted packaging in a range of dimensions. We can even print your company logo or branding detail on your packaging, ensuring you capitalise on the time it takes for your meat product to get to the food outlet it was destined for.
Our meat packaging formats include:
• Loose
• Dispenser
• Outer packed
• Wicketed
• Header blocked
• Perforated on a roll.

Meat Packaging Company New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited
Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited
Meat Packaging, customised, printed or plain.
Customised Meat Packaging New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited
Customised Meat Packaging Solutions New Zealand. Flexoplas Packaging Limited

Meat Packaging New Zealand Plain or Printed

Meat Packaging New Zealand, Plain or Printed. Meat Packaging New Zealand, customised, coloured, printed or plain. Call our Christchurch-based meat packaging company New Zealand.
The meat packaging New Zealand industry is an arena with eco-friendly challenges and demands that are increasing year by year.
Consumers are becoming more vocal in expecting solutions to environmental concerns and Flexoplas are right up there providing them.
We are licensed by EPI Technologies Inc, a forward-thinking enterprise with options that enable plastics to have biodegradable qualities.
We have permission to utilise the degradable plastic additive technology (TDPA) EPI Technologies have invented and this consumer satisfaction gambit is a practise we are happy to incorporate into our systems.
Flexoplas also provides superior printing on any colour bag, giving you the option of extending the lifespan of your company name right to the end-user. A visible advertising statement placed on your meat packaging clearly identifies provenance and is an effective way to help your customer in their buying decision process.
Flexoplas offers meat packaging New Zealand-wide:
• Printed
• Plain
• Any colour or tint
• Customised size and presentation.


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Meat Packaging products, delivered to your door.

Meat Packaging New Zealand Wide Deliveries

Meat Packaging New Zealand Wide Deliveries. Meat Packaging New Zealand plain or printed, manufactured for the meat industry in Christchurch.
Moving meat products from supplier to distributor is a manoeuvre based on tight time frames and reliable transport. Our company holds time-conscious practices close to our core values and we keep our focus on big-picture supply chain efficiencies top of mind.
We are proud to run our own company vehicle – it’s extra peace of mind to be able to call on immediately available transport options without the delay of waiting to recruit external transport operators. We do utilise a select few carriers; all are dedicated to the logistics of moving our meat packaging throughout New Zealand quickly and efficiently.
You can also take some control over the delivery of your consignment by placing your order with Flexoplas Packaging Ltd before 2 pm.
We are then committed to complete your delivery that same day. Super service that is a win/win situation for our many valued customers – and their clients – right down the line.
Another aspect of our focus on customer satisfaction is a promise to fix things that don’t go according to plan. Contact us to learn more about our returns policy and delivery schedules and we can start to talk turkey!

Ian Hume,
Managing Director.

Geoff Harnett

Bruce Harris,
Finance Director.

Christine Stokes,
Key Account Manager.

Meat Packaging Manufacturers New Zealand. Plain or Printed

The Team

Flexoplas Packaging Ltd. Meat Packaging made in New Zealand. Coloured, printed, tinted or plain. Ferrymead Christchurch.
When a company has been operating for as long as Flexoplas (thirty-odd years) you can be sure that there is a fair amount of good strategic planning, staff and customer relationship building, and great systems management going on at head office.

Ian Hume is our Managing Director, a dedicated man who has built his leadership from working the hard yards at ground-floor level production in the early days, moving up through the ranks through sales to senior management.

Bruce Harris is our Finance Director, a hugely experienced gentleman with an eye for good figures. Keeping those figures in the black as well as understanding trends, developments, practices and associated investment requirements is how Flexoplas remains a financially viable enterprise, now and to the future.

Geoff Harnett – Director, brings a wealth of experience in engineering and management. He has been involved in the plastic packaging industry for a large portion of his working life but also brings experience from other industries.

Christine Stokes is our Key Account Manager, a people person with a business head on her shoulders. Capable, knowledgeable and customer-oriented, Christine is the person who’ll ensure your relationship with Flexoplas is always happy and mutually fulfilling.

Flexoplas’ manufacturing practices are exemplary, and the team was awarded Telarc’s Registered Quality ISO 9001 certification in 1997.

Flexoplas also operates a Food Safety Program that is certified to HACCP Food Safety Standard.


Please contact us using the details below or use the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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P O Box 7442
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